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Participation representative of Accounts Chamber of the Republic of Tajikistan in the Audit seminar for SAI’s along Belt &Road Routes.

 Latest of Auditing of China, Function and mandate - The evolution of  the government Audit in China, Budget implementation Audit in China, Audit of International Organizations carried out by CNAO, Big Data Audit, The Foreign Funds Application Audit in China, IT Audit in China, Organization and Function of the Resident Audit Office of CNAO, Professionalism of Auditors in China and Agricultural Audit in China. Professors from Nanjing Audit University which  considered center of the  audit  stuff reserve   made a presentation.   After each topic was conducted for 2 hours discussion.  Delegates from SAI’s also  visited   Nanjing Resident Audit Office and Shanghai Municipal Audit Office At the end of the event participants actively made their comments and questions.


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