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The Accounts Chamber Republic of Tajikistan participated in an international videoconference


On February 27, 2018 video conference was held according to Work Plan approved in XVII and XVIII sessions of the Council of SAIs Heads of CIS Member Countries
The conference was attended by the colleagues of the SAIs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, the Republic of Belarus and Moldova.
Following issues were discussed during the video conference:
Opinion to annual report on the state budget execution.
Application practice of classification of shortcomings revealed during audit.
Analysis of financial reports
During discussions main problems encountered in compilation of opinions in line with state budget execution were discussed, also views on the form and submission period of report information presented by institutions of the use of budget funds, availability of that information in the opinions were exchanged.

At the same time, information on the practice of the Russian Federation in line with classification of shortcomings revealed as a result of audits was given, questions of the Republic of Tajikistan in this regard were answered.
The Accounts Chamber of the Republic of Tajikistan was represented in the video conference by the colleauges of Review and analysis department .
The conference conclusion was the agreement regarding the continuation of the cooperation in the mentioned areas for studying the best practice.


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