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"Meetings with the IDI representative on the Global SAI Accountability Initiative (GSAI) on communication and raising stakeholder awareness"

The SAI of Tajikistan has joined the Global SAI Accountability Initiative (GSAI), developed through cooperation between INTOSAI and donors.

GSAI's goal is to mobilize medium to long-term support for a small group of SAIs operating in challenging environments.

The initiative is inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals' aspiration to “leave no one behind” and ultimately aims to empower SAIs from developing countries to improve their effectiveness by accessing support and implementing SAI-led development programs aligned with their strategic plans and tailored to their local contexts. This week, regular meetings were held between IDI representative Nino Tsintsadze and representatives of the working group of the Accounts Chamber of the Republic of Tajikistan on the issue of “Communication and raising awareness of stakeholders.” The activities included training seminars, review and discussion of the communication strategy and planning of next steps for effective project implementation. It is expected that this initiative will provide an opportunity for SAIs to continue to develop their own capabilities and achieve new levels of sustainable capacity and performance.


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